stone garden citatah

Stone Garden Citatah

Taman Batu Padalarang

Taman Batu Padalarang or known as Stone Garden Citatah is located in West Bandung with the length is about 2,5 hectares. You will be spoiled by the stunning views of the stones that are arranged symmetrical and give the artistic look. You should wonder how diligent the officer there to keep the stones look symmetrical but you are wrong. The stone was formed naturally from natural geological activity occurring in antiquity. There is also a history that will tell you everything about this place. Loving this place means that you love the history too.

Capture the Moment at Stone Garden Citatah

Stone Garden Citatah tells all about the beauty and breathtaking moment. But as the proverb say that beauty is a pain, to reach to the top, you will need little effort. You will trekk for a couple of minutes to enjoy the panorama of the stones park. But after all the beauty is definitely paid for all the energy you have spent for the trekking.

Local people like to capture their moment in this place. There are also people that let this Stone Garden as the eyewitnesses for their pre-wedding. For them, this place makes they feel being on another planet. Even, there are people who think this place is similar to Christmas Island in Australia. It makes this place even more tempting for those of you who haven’t gone there.

The Sunrise and Sunset View

The best time to visit Stone Garden is in the morning that gives you the sunrise view. You will never want to miss the sunset moment at Stone Garden. If you visit in the afternoon where the sun is rising above your head, you will not find any trees to hide because this place is just about the beautiful stone. Are you one of those people that never been happier after visited Stone Garden? If not, you definitely have to visit this place and find yourself experiencing the most breathtaking moment in your life.

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