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Plan Everything Beforehand To Explore Derawan

Explore Derawan Island and Its Eco-tourism Attractions

Derawan is one of the islands located in Borneo. Nowadays, people have recognized the island as an exotic place where you can observe the most astounding look that can’t be enjoyed in many places. The island offers you the pleasant trip that will heal you from all fatigue. There are many experiences you may embrace when you decide to explore Derawan.

Speaking about Derawan Island, there are many pleasant things offered by the island. Not only will you be amazed by the stunning surroundings and underwater scenery of the island, you will also be empowered of seeing the ordinary life of the local people.

Let’s dig more into the things you can do to explore Derawan Island:

• Observing the Life of the Turtles

Turtles are the most common creature that you will find on the island. Eventually, watching the turtles at the closest range can be the ordinary thing that occurred on the island. You will be absorbed in the amazingness of the life of turtles during your stay on Derawan Island.

• Diving and Enjoying the Sight of the Life under Water

Many people had come to Derawan Island for a unique experience. Surely, there are many outstanding photos telling about how magical the life under water in Derawan Island. But, it will be different when you are experiencing it on the first-hand experience. Make sure to take a look at it when you’re reaching Derawan Island.

• Witnessing the Amazingness of Jellyfish Lake

Jellyfish Lake can be considered as the main attraction on this island. You may meet 4 (four) kinds of jellyfish in there and there is a rare kind that you may observe. The best thing about the jellyfishes is that you may swim around them without worrying about the stings because they have no strings. Isn’t that amazing way in witnessing the life of jellyfish?

• Snorkeling

Derawan Island is also famous because of its coral reef party. So, don’t forget to bring your snorkel stuff when you’re going to the island. If you don’t have it, no worries, there are some places that will rent it to you. Prepare everything and look at the wonderful underwater life before your eyes.

• Relaxing on the Beach

In the end of the day, you can rest on the beach and enjoy the sunset. That will be the perfect way to enjoying the evening. Sometimes, you can also see dolphins, sharks, or any other underwater creatures swimming and it’s definitely a remarkable thing to see.

How to Get There and What to Prepare to Explore Derawan

Derawan Island is the best place to relax, but it’s also a bit hard to get there. The best choice that you can choose for reaching the island is by plane. Depending on your budget, you can either choose to arrive at Tarakan airport or go straight to Berau airport, which is also the closest airport is to reach Derawan. After your arrival at Berau airport, you have to take a boat to reach Derawan Island and spend about 20 minutes on the speedboat prior to reaching the Island.

In addition, it is better to plan your trip on many days in advance since you may need some extra budget. When your budget is tight, you surely need to make everything as planned. You have already known the money that you’ll spend according to the plan and make sure that you won’t spend money for another sudden plan because you will be surprised to know that everything in there is not as affordable as you think.

For estimation, you may need around $1000 per person for a 4D3N adventure trip. This budget includes flight from Jakarta to Berau airport (return), airport transfer to the port (return), speedboat to reach Derawan Island, accommodation in a resort style room, meals, and the entance tickets.

In addition, you may bring additional cash around $100 in local currency (Indonesian Rupiah). You might need it for tipping, to buy some souvenir, and for other personal needs. Moreover, please make sure that you have secured your travel insurance policy prior traveling to Derawan Island.

So, are you ready to plan your trip to explore Derawan?

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