mie kuah betutu

Mie Kuah Betutu

Mie Kuah Betutu?

Some of you, who have been to Bali, might have tried “Ayam Betutu”. Betutu is a Balinese dish of steamed or roasted chicken (“ayam”) or duck (“bebek”) in rich betutu gravy. How about Mie Kuah Betutu? Have you tried it?

The first time I tried the dish was back in 2011 when I visited Singaraja, the north part of Bali. I was actually keen on having a dinner at a restaurant near the supermarket in the central city. Due to the lack of seats to accommodate my group, we decided to search for another place. After searching for about 15 minutes, we found a restaurant with quite a lot visitors. I notice there were some seats left which were just enough for us to enjoy the dinner.

Despite the various kinds of Chinese food and Sea food dishes written on the menu list, I chose to search a dish which I never tried before. “Mie Ayam Betutu” happened to get my attention. I knew that “Ayam Betutu” or “Bebek Betutu” were the common dishes served with Betutu gravy.

My curiosity has brought me to a new and unique experience in exploring a local food. The tasty of “Mie Ayam Betutu” was so rich that encouraged me to come again on the next day. The yellow color  enhanced the presentation while he chili enhance the taste of Betutu soup.

“Mie” or noddle itself is not authentic kind of Balinese food, yet it was brought by voyagers from China mainland long time ago. This has made “Mie Kuah Betutu” as one of dishes that represent the blend of Balinese and Chinese culture.

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