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Protect Our Coral Reef

Coral Reef

We all love to see wonderful and healthy corals when we are diving or snorkeling. So, it is important to protect them. Not only are they beautiful for our camera but they are also very valuable for the sustainable of our marine ecosystem. Coral Reefs are home to 25 percent of all marine species. They provide people with food, medicine, protection from storms, and beautiful scenery, pr0vide an estimated $30 billion annually in direct economic benefit to people worldwide through food, fisheries and tourism, according to the Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University.

Despite its economical value, coral reefs are fragile ecosystems due to their sensitivity to water temperature. They are under threat from climate change, oceanic acidification, blast fishing, cyanide fishing for aquarium fish, sunscreen use, overuse of reef resources, and harmful land-use practices. Additionally, irresponsible behavior during diving is also the cause of reef damage.

Coral reef will be damaged by touch. How much damage depends of the coral species, the severity of the contact and how much stress the coral is. Those with bad buoyancy may accidentally touch or bump into the coral. If we damage or remove the mucous membrane around coral, the damage may be getting worse. The corals may die within days.

 How to Protect Coral Reef

Basically, be a responsible tourist or traveler is the key to protect our corals. Join us to protect our coral by doing following simple things:
  1. Snorkel and scuba dive with care:
    • Do not touch the corals when you are diving. Please control your flippers when diving or snorkeling. Consult with your dive master (guide) how to enjoy diving with care.
    • Do not ever pull a piece of coral reef off to take with you as you will destroy a loving organism.
    • Do not get to close to a coral reef while wearing a lot of sunscreen as the oils form the lotion causes damage to the coral.
  2. Do not purchase any corals made souvenirs
  3. Choose environmentally friendly hotels or lodgings. Hotels with programs to treat sewage and offer recycling can help protect coral reefs by improving environment around them




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