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Explore Kawah Ratu (Queen Crater)

Adventure Trip to Explore the Exotic of Kawah Ratu (Queen Crater) in Sukabumi, West Java Province

Kawah Ratu (Queen crater) is an active crater steaming hot, inside the Halimun National Park in Bogor, Sukabumi District, and West Java Province.  It is a favorite place for nature lovers. While burning calories along the journey to reach the crater, you can feel relaxation and nature therapy which are good for the soul.

Moreover, Kawah Ratu is easily accessible from Jakarta through Ciawi – Sukabumi road. If you are heading from Jakarta, you may consider starting your journey very early in the morning to avoid a worse traffic jam, especially on the weekend. Not like most other mountains where the crater is at the top of the mountain, Kawah Ratu (the crater) is at the foot of Salak mountain, which make it further exciting to explore.

To reach Kawah Ratu, you must do tracking through the forest and the river which is long enough. Therefore, you better to have a good stamina and made proper preparation before conducting the journey.

Entrances and Challenges to Kawah Ratu

There are three alternative entrances to reach this site namely:

  • Alternative 1 is through Bunder Mountain passing through Pasir Rengit which the tracking length reaches 3.5 km;
  • Alternative 2 is  through Bunder Mountain passing through Curug Seribu which the tracking is longer than the first one about 5 km and will need 3-4 hours to reach the site; and
  • Alternative 3 is through Cidahu Camping Ground, Sukabumi which the tracking length 4.5 km.

The exotic of Kawah Ratu is in the form of the tracking conditions which is quite challenging. Fairly dense of rain forest, streams, mud, waterfalls and springs are some decorations which can be found along the journey before reaching the crater.

In addition, you may find many several of birds which fly, sing and chirping to accompany you along the journey. The view in the national park itself is a spectacular and perfect mix of nature, culture and volcanic magic.

The Kawah Ratu Trekking

Due to its location which is around 800-900 meters above the level sea and its high dense of rain, you may pass a wet and slippery route. Therefore having physical exercises prior to the journey is a good thing to do to prevent any injuries during the trip.

Moreover, to explore Kawah Ratu and the Salak National Park, you may consider going with a professional guide. One of the professional guides you may consider to work with is Mr. Willy Chiara. He is a final year student of Krida Wacana University in West Java and is also a member of Student Nature Explorers Association in his school. His experiences on exploring many mountains and other adventure spots in Indonesia will give you an assurance of his credibility as a guide.

Furthermore, Mr. Willy through YoExplore offers a one-day tour package of Kawah Ratu Trekking for minimum three people to go. Exploring Kawah Ratu with him will definitely bring much more unique experiences for your trip. To enjoy the trip further, you may bring mountain climbing equipment with yourself such as slippers, umbrellas, compass, raincoat, flashlight, food supplies, water, and others.

In addition, if you have more questions before booking the tour, you may contact us through email, chat at our social medias account at facebook, twitter, Instagram, or Line ID @yoexplore.




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