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Stone Garden, The Hidden Paradise In West Java, Indonesia

Have you explored Stone Garden, one of oldest artifact garden in Indonesia? It is situated only 5 km from Padalarang exit toll, West Java, close to Bandung City.

Explore Bandung City

If talking about Bandung City, no doubt that many travelers both locals and internationals have visited this Paris Van Java city. Outsiders come and visit it almost every day since it possesses many attractive spots worth to be explored.

Fashion-lover travelers come by to hunt branded goods at an affordable price.  Food lovers want to taste new sensations of local as well as international cuisines. Urban dwellers spend weekends to get pleasure from the city’s cool mountainous air and natural beauty. There is always something news can be found in this city whether from the cultural heritage site as well as modern lifestyle.

Explore Stone Garden: 27 Years Old Ocean Artefact in Padalarang West Java

Pertaining to the term of “something new”, exploring Stone Garden may become a new experience for those who love exploring the city.

The Stone Garden Geo-Park is a relic of earth history that aged around 27 years old. It is about  700 meters above the sea level. Moreover, it is laid precisely on Pawan Mountain at a village Masigit Mountain, Padalarang. Stone Garden Geo-Park has become a famous destination among local travelers since two years ago.

Stone Garden presents the overlay of artistic karst stones in various sizes and shapes surrounded by white limestone mountain scenery. Archeologists, based on the discovery of fossils of ancient humans and animals, claimed that this area was an ocean which evolved into the rock mountain. In addition, many of its rocks in a form of hollow rocks like a sponge with large cavities which strengthens the argument. Being at this location feels like you experienced ancient time, the Stone Age. Some travelers even described this exotic spot like Christmas Island in Australia.

Explore Experiences at Stone Garden

Nowadays, couples who choose this area for pre-wedding photo session also increase intensively. This site is also suitable as an adventure destination for families with children. Walking up to the top of the garden is a trekking path which quite saves for kids.

In addition, the community who manages this area has prepared a small dirt road which even though simple but safe enough for children. The best time to start your journey is in the morning or afternoon. In case you want to spend overnight, you can bring your tent, foods and other equipment, and ask the community to assist you. Travelers/families can spend a couple of hours to visit another wonderful spot, Pawon Cave, which is very close to the Garden. Interested exploring Stone Garden? Contact YoExplore now to be your guide for your Social Impact Tour.


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