things to do in bali

Things To Do in Bali

Things to Do in Bali: A Short Glance into What the Island of Gods Has in Store for You

What are Things To Do In Bali? Oh, wow, where to begin? Here’s one thing for sure: you would need more than just one day or two to enjoy Bali and what the Island has to offer you completely. The Island of Gods literally has too many things to miss so it would be a little difficult to discuss this matter in such a tight space. But, let’s just try.

Top 5 Recommended Things to Do in Bali

  1. Explore Bali’s Beaches

When it comes to the urban side of Bali’s tourism industry, we can’t avoid talking about beaches.

You can choose to simply enjoy sunbathing at the beach but beaches in Bali offers a wide range of activities, which are not to be missed. Swimming at Kuta beach, Pandawa beach, Balangan beach, or at Virgin White Sand Beach is a must. However, you should also try to give Tanjung Benoa’s row of watersports a shot. From flying fish to banana boating, from jet skiing to snorkeling, from sea-walking to parasailing, this section of Bali never runs out of ways for you to have fun on your vacation.

  1. Explore Bali’s Wide Range of Spa Services and Wellness Activities

Tired of exerting too much energy doing all those games? Well, you can shift back to the urban lifestyle by enjoying Bali’s famous lines of spa centers. From international chain to local-based, each and every one spa service you can see in Bali offers you a break in those little gaps between your busy holiday schedules.

Massages, facial treatments, body scrubbing, saunas, all those relaxing cares should be enough for you to reinvigorate your holiday spirit and embark on trekking and hiking activities while taking in the immensely scenic panorama of the lush and rich Balinese mountain ranges.

  1. Explore Attractions in Bali

If you come with the kids, take them to Bali’s Waterbom. With the status of world’s second best waterpark, it’s guaranteed you will get the satisfaction in seeing happiness gracing your kids’ face enjoying all the park’s complete facilities.

  1. Explore Bali’s Deep Culture

Things to Do in Bali, in relation to its Cultural tourism, include visiting museums. There’s the Dream Museum Zone, which offers you a chance to enjoy 3D optical tricks, which of course necessitates bringing cameras because you wouldn’t want to miss capturing the museum’s uniqueness.

Take in the other side of Bali’s exoticness in Mount Batur Museum and enjoy the fantastic collection of Shell Museum.

The Museum of Antonio Blanco, on the other hands, provides an artistic take on Balinese beauty from the late master painter Antonio Blanco’s point of view.

Ubud Palace allows you to enjoy art performance in the form of traditional dance while the Pasifika Museum displays a broad presentation from artists from the region of Asia-Pacific.

  1. Explore Bali’s Local Cuisine

Balinese cuisine ties deeply to its culture. Spoil your palate with local food and beverage that are rich in flavors. Take in the various spices and ingredients used in Balinese dishes and prepare for explosions of taste inside your mouth.

A friendly warning: Balinese cuisines are at times pungent in taste and sometimes soft while at other times sweet. Some make use of lots of chili beans, which results in dominantly pungent flavors. So if you consider yourself a person with low tolerance toward sharp taste of chili beans, please ask the maker to tone it down a notch.

All these Things to Do in Bali sure do make you want to visit the Island very soon. To enjoy them all, you can book tour and activity packages provided by YoExplore now.

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