Yogyakarta Cultural Event

Yogyakarta Cultural Event: August – December 2017

The Magnificent of Borobudur Temple

The former US President Obama and his family spent their holidays in Yogyakarta and Bali last June. Spending couple days in Yogyakarta, they visited some tourist spots including Prambanan and Borobudur Temples.  The fame of Borobudur Temple over the world is undoubted, UNESCO bestows it as one of World Heritage Center. Moreover, to make this tourism destination to be more attractive, the management along with the Government of Yogyakarta have designed and arranged many sophisticated events. The event “Yogyakarta Cultural Event covers 25 events throughout 2017.

Explore The Excitement of Yogyakarta

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Culinary Tourism up to Sports Tourism in Yogyakarta Cultural Event

There are many intriguing activities in Yogyakarta Cultural Event. Started from early morning, ranging from creative arts and culture performances, orchestras, and music performances. Not to miss sports tourism, culinary up to local handicrafts exhibition. So don’t miss it, book your holiday now. To make your trip to Yogyakarta Cultural Event more fun and remarkable, YoExplore ready to assist you. We have some special offers for you.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your vacation plan.

So here some lists of the attractive events for the period of August – December 2017:


12-13 August 2017 – Prambanan Culinary Festival

Not only art and culture, Yogyakarta Cultural Event also include culinary tourism as one attractive activity for visitors. This event aims to preserve Indonesia’s traditional recipes which are some of it have been popular abroad. As the nation itself is very rich with hundred thousand cultures, so is its food. Here is the heaven of food where visitors can taste our traditional culinary. Our culinary is superior of local aromatic herbs and spices. Some delicious food you can taste such as Rendang, Gado-Gado (mix vegetable salad with peanut sauce), chicken soup (Soto), and much more.

18-20 August 2017Prambanan Jazz

Prambanan Jazz, an international music event has been held successfully since 2015. Located in the Prambanan Temple complex, the visitors shall enjoy groovy music at an open space. The background is also awesome with the beautiful night sky. This year, the event shall present mostly Indonesian musicians from 90’s era, Tompi, Glen Fredly, Katon Bagaskara, and Andre Hehanusa are some of them. Moreover, the peak of the event is the performance of Sarah Brightman, the Grammy award nominee. Exclusively, she shall perform as the headliner with a live orchestra.

20-21 August 2017 – Festival Tari Keraton Nusantara (the Palace Dance Festival)

The event shall take location at Pendopo stage of Kraton Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Palace). Visitors shall enjoy the extravagant and beauty of Javanese traditional dance show and the magical gamelan music performance. Javanese dance is very famous for its elegant and tenderness movements. The traditional dances which have been performed since 7th Century. The dances tell epic stories such as Ramayana and Mahabaratha, Srimpi (King/Queen Wish), Petilan (the Fight between Two Warriors), and some others.

22-24 August 2017 – Ratu Boko (Queen Boko) Festival

In addition for August Festivals, the management of Yogyakarta Cultural Event creates Ratu Boko Festival. Ratu Boko Temple is not as famous as Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. It located in the southeast Prambananan Temple.  Syailendra King built the temple in the 8th Century. Named as Amerta Mantana which means sacred water. Nowadays, the water is still often used especially for Hindu ceremonial event “Tawur Agung”. The Ratu Boko Festival aims to promote and make it more popular among travelers. The festival this year enlivened by various kinds of art performances: traditional music, painting, batik, pottery and culinary as well as souvenir market.


1 September 2017 – Grebeg Besar Ceremony

Yogyakarta community will celebrate Gebeg Besar Ceremony on the same date they celebrate Eid Al-Adha. This event aims to pray to ask for God’s blessing to the local community as well as the Palace.

20 September 2017 – Topo Bisu Mubeng Beteng Ceremony

Yogyakarta local community celebrates Topo Bisu Mubeng Beteng, a prayer ritual (tradition) done with a wordless conscience without any word spoken during the prayer. Moreover, they are praying while walking for about 4KM in the Palace area. They pray for the protection, salvation, and prosperity of the community.

25 September 2017 – Borobudur and Prambanan Water Color Heritage Exhibition

This year, Yogyakarta Cultural Event taking the theme of Heritage for the event. This exhibition of watercolor paintings shall capture and express the great history, beauty and traditions of the country in watercolor masterpieces.  Participants shall visit the Borobudur Temple and its nearby Prambanan Temple. Then, they get an opportunity to paint the temples. The event shall be closed by the dance and musical performance of the legend Ramayana epic story on the open air stage.


6 October 2017 – Festival Gamelan Nusantara and Langen Cerita

The event takes place at a stage in Prambanan Temple. This is an international gathering event for gamelan players and gamelan lovers. Not only local institutions shall participate in this event, but also many international institutions shall come and join the event. Visitors shall overwhelm by the attractions of artworks of gamelan instruments, the Javanese classical percussion instruments as well as theatrical performances shown during the event. Currently, gamelan sounds can be more modern with new flavor by using computer device and developed far more for jazz, pop even rock genre.

17-18 October 2017 – Borobudur Cultural Feast: Fascinating Art and Cultural Displays

Borobudur Cultural Feast is a celebration of art for local communities of Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. Located at the Lumbini Field at the Borobudur Temple Complex, this event shall present arts and cultural performances by local communities of Magelang Regency and the Province of Central Java combined with international participants. Three of international cultural groups from Japan, the People’s of Republic of China and the Netherlands have confirmed their participations for this event.

 28 October 2017 – Prambanan Borobudur International Heritage Goo Wees Bike Tour and Prambanan Music Performance 

 Not only offer events of culture, art and culinary, the Government of Yogyakarta also holds sports tourism event such as Prambanan Borobudur International Heritage Bike Tour. This annual bike tour event covering 55 Km route started from Prambanan Temple to Borobudur Temple. During riding their bicycles, participants can enjoy the beautiful panorama of villages and natural landscapes. At the same date, the Event Organizer also holds music performance at Borobudur Temple venue, performing local as well as international artists and musicians.

October 2017 – “Topo Bisu Mubeng Beteng” Grebeg Besar Ceremony

This annual tradition has been established as one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage, a celebration of Javanese New Year (1 Suro). The main activities of the ritual are the servants of Yogyakarta Palace together with local communities and participants walk around the Yogyakarta Castle (5 km) without speaking, smoking eating and drinking. It is a kind of self-reflection to evaluate the past life and self-introspection.


18-19 November 2017 – Jogja International Heritage Walk

Jogja International Heritage Walk is an annual event of walk mass around the Prambanan site and its surrounding villages. In 2013, the International Marching League (IML) announce this big annual event as one of its official members. This is an outstanding achievement for Indonesia, to become the first country in the Southeast Asia to arrange such this big annual event. This year, the 9th Jogja International Heritage Walk carrying the theme “Save the Nature, Respect the Culture’. The participants can enjoy some attractive sub-activities including Weaving for Life, Drawing Competition, Marching Band, Canting for Life, Traditional Children Games Festival and Painting Batik.

 26 November 2017 – Borobudur International 10K

As part of sports tourism, Yogyakarta Cultural Event also presents Borobudur International 10K Marathon. This event is one of the biggest events where marathon athletes from around the world can participate. In addition, the organizer carries the theme “Reborn Harmony” with the aims is to rejuvenate the spirit of togetherness among participants and the local communities.


1 December 2017 – Grebeg Sekaten Ceremony

Prior to the entry of Islam into Indonesia, the local community who were mostly Hindu held Grebeg Sekaten ceremony to pray for gods’ protection and salvation. Due to the strong value of Grebeg Sekaten, the leaders in Yogyakarta keep celebrating this tradition in spite of Islam has become the major religion in the region.

31 December 2017 – Borobudur Nite

Last but not least, a new year’s evening present by music performance and flying a thousand lanterns at the countdown. Last year, participants released around 5,000 lanterns to the sky as a symbol of thanksgiving and well wishes for the new upcoming year. Moreover, while waiting the new year, visitors can enjoy traditional art performances, music performances, and many others.

Your Private Trip To Attend The Events

Should you be interested in attending one or more events stated above, you may contact us to organize you a private trip.  Our trip concierges will make sure you will get best deals from the local tour operators. Furthermore, we may assist you to book your flight ticket as well as your hotel as per your request.

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