explore banyuwangi

Explore Banyuwangi, Indonesia

Explore Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi is a beautiful tourism destination you have to visit, either give your best to cross off of Explore Banyuwangi from your travel list. It is located at the easternmost tip of Java where you can easily find numerous ferries passing by, due to its ferry connection from Ketapang to Gilimanuk.

People who heard this name for the first place tend to connect their knowledge into something pleasurable with good-enough connotation, such as blue fire, classical waterfall, majestic oceans, magnificent festival, and various kinds of hidden treasure you have to dig by yourself. If it is the first time you are going to Banyuwangi, make sure to make a detailed itinerary, even though it means your schedule will be tighter. Well, you do not want to leave Banyuwangi behind with lots of regrets, do you?

Explore 5 Nature Experiences in Banyuwangi

Speaking of pleasant experiences while you do the yelling: Explore Banyuwangi, it is the perfect place to enjoy complete nature experiences, begin from the majestic beach to stand out nature. Here is several places explanation as your guide.

It seems like no people who have never heard about Kawah Ijen before because this site includes a famous tourism destination, with an underline, a must visit. Here, you are hypnotizing by a yellow landscape with gigantic blue flames at night. The tour costs may be higher, yet it is still worth it.

  • Wedi Ireng Beach

You need to travel about 65 km into the South part of Banyuwangi to find this place. The beach’s name actually refers to the color of the sand, meaning it has black-coloured sand. It is a great place to escape by yourself and replenish your energy from nature.

  • Tabuhan Island

Ready to have pleasant and unforgettable experiences meaning you need to challenge yourself to go to Tabuhan Island. It is because to reach this place, you only capable of using the public boat, no other choice. Besides beautiful scenery, you can also have a higher probability for snorkeling and even deep diving.

  • Baluran Savannah

Forget the savannah in Africa because you are going to get the replica view as similar as the one in Serengeti. Otherwise, this place also well-known as African Savannah located in Java, where you can find various kinds of the animal when you visit.

  • Red Island

Red Island should appear on your final thought if you need more time for yourself and contemplate about your exist before putting yourself into routine again. In this site, you can get a relaxed atmosphere with crystal clear seawater, the perfect amount for your short holiday.

How to Get There

Start your pleasant Explore Banyuwangi journey with making a perfect itinerary, both for the time availability and budget. There are several transport choices you can choose to reach and land yourself in Banyuwangi, such as by train, by bus, by ferry, and also by plane. It depends on your starting point and budget. To get around and move from one place to another, you can visit the bus station where there is numerous track you can choose from.  Otherwise, you can book the experiences offer through YoExplore. Our local operator partner will suggest you the itinerary and will guide you during the adventure time.

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